Whistle-Blowing Policy
The whistle-blowing policy is to provide employees or stakeholders (shareholders, customers & suppliers) an avenue to raise genuine concerns and to promote the highest possible standards of ethical and legal business conduct. The objective of having the policy is also to deter serious malpractice and to avoid crisis management, thereby promoting the best practice of corporate governance at workplace.

As an employee or stakeholder, you are encouraged to disclose any information or raise a genuine concern about serious breaches of Code. Such breaches of code or violation of law include but not limited to fraud, corruption, malpractice, financial irregularities, dishonesty, criminal activities and personal misconduct.

Any report should be based on good faith with a reasonable belief that the information and any allegation in it are substantially true.


You may raise the matter either in writing or orally to your direct superior or line manager.
However, if for any reason, it is believed that this is not possible or appropriate, you should report to a higher chain of authority as described in Appendix I. In the case where reporting to management is a concern, then the report should be made to the Chairman of the Board or Chairperson of Audit Committee.

If you report a possible breach of the code, you have the right to remain anonymous and confidentiality will be maintained. Every effort will be made to protect the whistle-blower or
complainant's identity, subject to relevant legal constraints. However, it is usually easier to conduct a full and fair investigation of your concerns if you could identify yourself and disclose as much information as possible within your knowledge


All reports will be investigated promptly by the Internal Audit Department. If required, further assistance from other resources within the Group is to be sought. The progress of
investigation will be reported to the Audit Committee.

Upon completion of investigation, appropriate course of action will be recommended to the Audit Committee and Board of Directors for their deliberation. Decision taken by the Committee will be implemented immediately.

Where possible, steps will also implemented to prevent similar situation arising. You will be informed of the investigation from time to time and be advised in writing of the
outcome of the investigation.

Appendix I: Contact Details For Breach Of Conduct
  Group Chairman
Name : Tan Kai Hee
Office No. : +(603) - 3342 3322, Ext:502
Email : kaihee@hai-o.com.my

  Audit Committee Chairperson
Name : Tan Beng Ling
Office No. : -
Email : tanbl@hai-o.com.my
  Group Managing Director
Name : Tan Keng Kang
Office No. : +(603) - 3342 3322, Ext:518
Email : tankk@hai-o.com.my
  Executive Director
Name : Hew Von Kin
Office No. : +(603) -3342 3322, Ext:515
Email : hewvk@hai-o.com.my
  Group HR Manager
Name : Jessica Lim
Office No. : +(603) -3342 3322, Ext:513
Email : jessica@hai-o.com.my
(Updated on 05/05/2020)