As a responsible and ethical organisation, we strive to strengthen the local economy, build corporate transparency, promote products that improve community well-being, invest in human capital development and mitigate any negative impact our operations may have on the surrounding environment. In order to realise our corporate vision to bring the greatest value and pride to our customers, business parties, employees and shareholders, we have embarked on this journey to embed sustainability throughout our value chain.
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Recognising the need for a sustainable future, Hai-O have formulated the Sustainability Policy based on the Group's Sustainability Strategy that fulfil our Mission, Vision and Corporate Values as well as the aspirations of the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

The following governance structure is in place to ensure the efficient management of sustainability issues and to provide prompt updates to our Board of Directors.

Hai-O Sustainability Policy applies to Hai-O and all its subsidiaries in Malaysia and is outlines in five (5) key sustainability focus areas - Economy, Governance, Product, People and Planet.