HR Philosophy
At Hai-O, we recognize the human capital is our most important asset. Our human resource culture centered on 3 core values: Sense of Belonging, Teamwork and Equal Opportunity. We encourage our staff to excel and value their careers in Hai-O as their own undertaking. In Hai-O we all work together as a team and strive to incalculate a sense of ownership to our company. We provide equal opportunity to our staff to make contributions and in return to enjoy a rewarding career. With such philosophy in mind, Hai-O is committed to bringing out the best in our staff and to building the success together.

In line with our HR values, our remuneration is competitive and fine-tuned to meet staff needs with a personal touch. We also have the following practices to offer and reward you:

Best Employee Award, Best Salesperson Award & Best Company Award, Long Service awards.
Training and Career Development programs to grow and enrich our staff talents and skills.
Attractive Performance-based Bonus and Sales Commission.
Extra Incentives for achieving Company KPIs.
Local or Overseas Staff Incentive Trips
Employee Share Options have been offered to staff to nurture a greater sense of ownership within the Hai-O Group of companies.
Hire & Purchase loan, and personal loan with discounted rate for staff.
Group Personal Accident and Hospitalization, Surgical Insurance Scheme & Medical & Dental Benefits
Sports Club organizing sporting and social events to bond relationship between staff, family and community.
5-day work week (For office staff only)