Events & Activities
Events : Malaysia-China-Asia Pacific Women's Economic Summit
Date/ Time : 05 - 06 Mar 2011
Venue : Sunway Hotel
Details :
The “Malaysia-China-Asia Pacific Women's Economic Summit” is organized by the Malaysia-China Friendship Association and the Malaysia-China Cultural and Arts Association. A total of 12 outstanding women entrepreneurs from China, Singapore, Malaysia and Asia-Pacific were invited as speakers, sharing their analysis on the latest trends in business and economic development in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as sharing their business operation and management practices. And Hai-O Group is the event's main sponsor.

Events : The “Women Illumminating the World” blood donation campaign
Date/ Time : 31 Jul 2010
Venue : Swan Convention Centre of the Sunway Medical Centre
Details :
The “Women Illumminating the World” blood donation campaign organized by the Hai-O Foundation together with the Young Malaysian Movement (YMM) and Huazong Women Section has successfully entered into the “Malaysia Book of Records” for “Most Women Blood Donors In A Day”. 

Events : KITA The Musical
Date/ Time : 17 - 27 Jun 2010
Venue : Istana Budaya
Details :
Under the sponsorship of the Hai-O Foundation and organized by the National Unity and Integration Department of the Prime Minister's Department, "KITA The Musical" debuted on 17th June, 2010. This musical was inspired by "1 Malaysia" concept, the story depicts the three major races' love for this land,the effort given from one generation to another,which has built up the national harmony and prosperity of our country today. 

Events : A pleasure visits on Hai-O Raya
Date/ Time : 19 Jul 2007
Venue : MCC City (Ue3) Hai-O Raya
Details :
The star idol Malaysia contestants visited the Hai-O Raya Ue3 outlet and Sanjiu Hai-O TCM on 19 July 2007. They spent the entire day understanding the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCMs), Chinese teas, Chinese wines and other health care products. At the same time, they were treated to a free consultation by qualified TCM physician. This session was so exciting because the contestants raised a lot of health inquiries. From this visits, the star idols gained a lot of knowledge on Chinese herbs and wines and thus increased their awareness on health care so that they would be able to face all the challenges in the entertainment world.