Events & Activities
Events : Hai-O's Marvellous 40
Date/ Time : 30 Apr 2015
Venue : One World Hotel
Details :
Hai-O 40th Anniversary Celebration Dinner.

Events : 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Inter Cultural Exhibition
Date/ Time : 17 - 26 Apr 2015
Details :
MY STAR TEA CITY which located at Level 1, Sun Complex, Bkt Bintang, KL is organizing a 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Inter Cultural Exhibition: Tibetan Regong Thangka Artistry. This is a first ever overseas exhibition of Thangka Artisty by the Chief Artist of the Revered Panchen Lama. FREE entry (11.00am – 8.00pm) & welcome public to visit. There will be special programmes during the exhibition such as Opening Ceremony, demonstration and briefing of Thangka Production (12pm, 19/4/15), Thangka Appraisal (5.30pm, 22/4/15) & Art of Thangka in the View of Spiritual Practitions conducted by Prof. Ong Seng Huat (8pm, 22/4/15)

Events : Ai Hua Jiao 2014
Date/ Time : 25 Apr - 05 Oct 2014
Venue : Peninsular Malaysia
Details :
Since 4 May 2010, the Hai-O Foundation has been collaborating with Sin Chew Daily on a charity concert tour called "Ai Hua Jiao" to raise funds for selected Chinese-medium schools. In 2014, the charity concert will be held in Selangor,Malacca,Johor & Perak. In the past 4 years, we had been reached RM28 million in total.

Events : The 8th South East Asia Puer Tea Trade Fair
Date/ Time : 15 - 24 Nov 2013
Venue : Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre
Details :
In recent years, “Malaysian Storage” (大马仓) for Puer Tea has been successfully developed as a “Malaysia Storage” brand because of ideal weather condition in Malaysia. This event mission is to encourage Malaysia Tea industry to evaluate and acquire the quality Puer Tea.And this event was sponsored by Hai-O Enterprise Berhad which was active in promoting Chinese tea culture.