E-Newsletter and E-Sales Kit for our MLM Distributors
SHOM stays current in disseminating news to its distributors. In line with the support for the National Green Technology Policy, starting in June 2017, distributors of SHOM can have the best way to access to the Company latest update and exciting news at their fingertips. Moreover, lots of exciting promotions are offered to distributors who subscribe to e-Newsletter as being a subscriber has its rewards.

In addition, SHOM will also introduce e-Sales Kit so as to gradually replace the existing Conventional Sales Kit. New distributors have two options either to opt for e-Sales Kit or the Conventional Sales Kit which comes at a higher price.

Energy Efficiency through LED Lights
Energy efficiency and renewable energy are said to be the twin pillars of sustainable energy policy and are high priorities in the sustainable energy hierarchy. Reducing energy is also seen as a solution to the problem of reducing greenhouse gas emission.

To address the issue of global warming which eventually led to increased energy demand, we support the use of energy-saving products as the answer to this problem. During the financial year until the publication of this report, we have installed LED lights on most part of our premises, namely at Sun Kompleks, Wisma Hai-O (headquarters), Wawasan Hai-O (MLM office) and SG Global's factory - Lot 1388, Jalan Kapar (Manufacturing plant). The installation of LED lights helps to save an average of more than 30% of the monthly electricity bills.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Plant
We are upgrading the building specifications of our Manufacturing plant so as to be more environmentally friendly. The operation of the oven and de-duster that comes with ducting and chimney within the plant is for the purpose of gas emission during the production process. The upgrading on both the de-duster and chimney is to improve the efficiency of the air pollution control system while enabling gas emission monitoring to be conducted by our laboratory team.
Environmentally Friendly Products
When introducing a new product, we would leave behind our comfortable ways of thinking which may be challenging as our products are intended to serve the customers as well as protecting the environment.

Among our best-selling yet eco-friendly products are Eziclean Concentrated Laundry Compound, Eziclean Toilet & Floor Cleaner, Eziclean Concentrated Dishwash, BioCleanz Multipurpose Cleaner and biodegradable fertilizer EziGrow. In addition, the packaging of Bio Evolve Water Purification System is Styrofoam-free that is in support of the "Safe the Earth" Campaign.

Being eco-friendly has been part of our way to help uphold a sustainable lifestyle. All of us at Hai-O are expected to live up to Hai-O's commitment to sustainability in our daily business activities and to benchmark our achievements against the industry and best practice of 3R (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle) at the workplace.