Hai-O demonstrates its commitment to the community by practicing corporate social responsibility so as to make positive, valuable and long-term impact. The yearly charitable efforts made for the community include:
✔ Hai-O Foundation's Virtuous Collaboration- Long cooperation and a perfect match between Sin Chew Daily and Hai-O Foundation have once again proved their effective partnership when "Ai Hua Jiao Fund-Raising Campaign" raised a total of RM11.2 million in 2016 alone, a remarkable and by far the highest collection yet. A total of 7 Chinese-medium schools had been identified as beneficiaries of these funds. The collaboration raises a total funds amounting to RM64 million through "Ai Hua Jiao Campaigns" over the last 7 years which had benefited 46 Chinese- Medium schools since 2010. Hai-O was recognized for its initiative and received Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards (AREA) in the category of 'Social Empowerment' in June 2016 particularly on the success of Ai Hua Jiao Charity Concert in achieving its goals and objectives which reflect our endeavour to empower the future generations by providing high quality educational infrastructure and facilities.
✔ Hai-O and Young Malaysians Movement (YMM)- YMM, a well-known Chinese NGO in Malaysia that is actively involved in charitable programs had once again invited Hai-O to be the supporting partner for the national blood donation campaign themed "Sebarkan Kasih Sayang". The nationwide blood donation drive was planned to be conducted biennially from 2016 to 2021 with the first campaign launched last year. The campaign kicked off at the YMM Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur on October 29, 2016, followed by 50 road shows held throughout Malaysia while promoting organ donation awareness. The recent road-shows held from February to June 2017 attracted 358 blood donors and 53 registered organ donors.
The spirit of love and compassion for the less fortunate during the celebration of the Year of the Rooster had lifted the spirits of the residents of Pertubuhan Rumah Anak Yatim Berkat Kasih (House of Love) with the friendly visit by representatives of Kelab Muhibbah Hai-O. The welfare home which is situated in Klang shelters orphans, abused women, single mothers, the poor and drug addicts undergoing rehabilitation treatment.
The second Academic Excellence Awards organized by Hai-O was to celebrate the outstanding academic achievements of children of our distributors. Entrepreneurs and members of Sahajidah Hai-O Marketing (SHOM), our MLM arm are not only admired for their entrepreneurial prowess and dedication, but also for being great parents who played significant roles in the academic excellence of their children. A total of 60 SHOM entrepreneurs together with their children were the recipients of the Academic Excellence Awards 2017. Meanwhile, children of 6 Hai-O employees were debut recipients of the Academic Excellence Awards 2017.
✔ Hai-O Young Writers Awards- Another joint social contribution with the Malaysian Chinese Writers Association to help young writers to unleash and develop their talents in a diverse genre of literature writing. This award is specially dedicated to all promising writers aged below 35 years. The 6th competition witnessed an overwhelming response from 267 participants, making it the highest number of entries received since it was first held in 2009. The grand award ceremony was held in October 2016 at the Arts Auditorium of University Malaya College. In addition to cash prizes, winners received the exclusive Hai-O Trophy.