Chia Kuo Wui  
  Independent Non-Executive Director  

Mr. Chia Kuo Wui graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting from Curtin University Western Australia in 2001. He obtained a Charles Sturt University Master of Business Administration from Help University College Kuala Lumpur in 2006.

He joined Hai-O Corporate Planning and Investor Relations Department in 2006 and held key positions in several Hai-O Group of Companies. Prior to joining Hai-O, he has worked in 2 public listed companies. He also holds directorship in several private limited companies.

He was appointed to the Board on 14 November 2008 and redesignated to Non-Independent Non-Executive Director on 2 January 2015. On 16 April 2018, he was redesignated to Independent Non-Executive Director. Mr. Chia is also a member of the Risk Management Committee, Remuneration Committee and Nominating Committee.