Investors Relations & Shareholder Communication

  1. The Board is conscious of its accountability to investors and shareholders and as such, has put in place the Corporate Disclosure Policy that enables the Board and Management to communicate effectively with its investors and the public generally via a structured approach. (Please refer to the Corporate Disclosure Policy for information and details).

  2. Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the principal forum and channel of communication with shareholders. Shareholders are encouraged to attend and participate during the open dialogue session prior to adopting the proposed resolution.

  3. A press conference will normally be held after each AGM. The Chairman and the Group Managing Director will attend to questions posed by members of the media on Company's results, prospects and outlook or any specific issues.

  4. Regular dialogues with financial analysts or fund managers are conducted to convey information relating to the announcement of Company's performance, corporate strategy and other matters affecting the interests of shareholders or investors.

  5. The Company's website ( provides easy access to corporate information and news pertaining to the Company and its activities. The website is updated regularly.