Performance & Remuneration

Board Evaluation

  1. The Board will engage in a self-evaluation exercise annually to assess its effectiveness. The evaluation process will be administered by the Company Secretary and assisted by the Group HR Department and evaluation results communicated by Chairman of the Nomination Committee to the Board for review.

  2. As for Executive Directors, their performance will also be evaluated based on both financial and strategic targets or KPIs of the Group. If the Executive Directors are tasked with overseeing any specific business activities or management functions, the performance of such areas will also be taken into consideration when determining the level of remuneration.

Remuneration Policies

  1. The Remuneration Committee is tasked to determine and recommend remuneration policies that are fair and competitive to ensure that the Company attracts and retains Directors and Senior Management needed to manage the Company successfully.

  2. For Executive Directors and Senior Management, the Remuneration Committee will base on the achievement of the corporate and individual KPIs, the responsibilities involved and market competitiveness to determine the level of remuneration before recommending to the Board for approval.

  3. All Directors are paid a fixed sum of annual director fees as members of the Board and such fees are to be approved by the shareholders at the Annual General Meeting. All Directors are also paid meeting attendance allowances for each Board or Committee meeting that they attend. All Committee members are paid monthly committee allowances for their specific duties performed in respective Committees.

Director Training & Development

  1. The Board recognises that continuous education is critical for its members to gain insight into the state of economy outlook (global & domestic), industry trends, regulatory updates and management strategies. The Board will assess the training needs of all the Directors upon recommendation by Nominating Committee and ensure they have access to continuing professional development.

  2. In addition to the mandatory accreditation programmes as required by the Bursa Securities, Board members are required to attend specific training programmes arranged by the Group Training Department annually. In addition, Directors are encouraged to attend relevant seminars, training and development programmes to equip themselves and keep abreast with the necessary knowledge and skills.

  3. The Board is briefed and updated with the latest relevant regulatory requirements from time to time and at Board meetings by the Company Secretary and /or if relevant, the members of the Board are encouraged to attend the advocacy sessions or development programme conducted by Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd, Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia, or Securities Commission and other relevant authorities from time to time.