Empowering Women Entrepreneurs - Appreciating Women's Versatility
Women entrepreneurs make up over 75% of our MLM entrepreneurs. Ever since a long time, we have been charmed by the persistence and perseverance of our versatile women entrepreneurs.

This year, "Celebrating Women" was the theme for the first awards ceremony for the year 2016 to commemorate International Women's Day which falls on March 8 annually. Hai-O Group is the first company in Malaysia to declare a special holiday to its employees for the sacrifices and contributions of women to the welfare of families, communities and countries.

Notably, SHOM received recognition in Prime Minister CSR Award 2009 under the category of "Women Development" from the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development. Significantly, Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak presented the award.

My Star Tea City - Preserving The Authenticity And The Art
My Star Tea City, the first Tea Culture Theme city in Malaysia which is located at the Sun Complex Bukit Bintang serves as a place of interest for tea lovers to exchange views and passion for tea-related cultural events. The tea city comprises outlets which focused on specialty Chinese teas, tea wares and antiques to promote tea cultures among Malaysians.

Ever since its establishment, My Star Tea City has been loaded with a variety of events such as Arts and Tea exhibitions, Chinese Orchestra Recital, Talks and Seminars with free acupuncture treatment and medical consultation, Chinese Orchestra Instrument Solo Competition, Chess Competition and many others.

Towards Healthy Lifestyle
As Hai-O is synonymous with healthcare and a trusted brand name, we remain committed to the health-related matters by regularly organizing various health talks, creating effective product awareness as well as promoting environmentally -friendly products.

We have organised dozens of health talks in health road-show focusing on raising health awareness and promoting practical ways to live a healthy lifestyle. Free health checks were among the attractions of the health road-show. Within a year, our retail segment, Hai-O Raya has once again held a series of Health Talk/Interview on Ai FM radio station. The "On Air Health Talk" radio show was part of our initiatives to enhance health awareness to the public and also as a gesture of appreciation for our retail customers.

At Hai-O, we strongly uphold family ties and devotion to the elderly. Meanwhile, health is equally important to lead a contented life. Realizing the importance of these key elements had inspired us to host an enlightening health event that made elderly parents feel special and appreciated while enhancing health awareness in the community. Blessed with a happy family and good health would enable one to have a sense of purpose while accomplishing the purpose of life.

Again during the year, Hai-O had organized a health carnival at YMCA Kuala Lumpur which received overwhelming response and attracted over one hundred participants to the informative health carnival.

The Diabetes Talk
An increasing number of diabetes patients in Malaysia was the main reason why this educational talk was conducted. According to the Obesity Prevention Council President, Mr. Jong Koi Chong, an alarming 3.6 million Malaysian adults are estimated to be affected by diabetes putting Malaysia as the number one country in Asean to have the highest number of diabetics and sixth in the Western Pacific region.

Meanwhile, Dr. Gao Hong, an associate professor and a diabetes specialist from Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine had conducted this educational talk at Wisma Hai-O in June 2016 so as to enhance health awareness among employees. Adopting a healthy lifestyle and eating a healthy and balanced diet is the essence of this talk as prevention is always better than cure.

Hai-O Chain Store Employee Entrepreneur Scheme
It was an exciting offer to ambitious employees who have worked for more than 3 years to establish and run a Hai-O Raya chain store which in turn meant the opportunity to be their own boss. This dream became a reality when Mr. Chang Zhi Wei, a store chain employee opened the first chain store on 8th January 2016 in Muar. This scheme provided aid and support in 3 forms namely, financial, career growth and management. In terms of career development, the employee would still enjoy career progression and staff benefits while being assisted in the daily operation.
Online Shopping - Keeping Up With The Trend
Online shopping or e-commerce is now a worldwide trend as it saves time and energy. As for company turnover, the contribution of e-commerce has been increasing significantly. For financial year 2016, the revenue from e-commerce has increased more than 5 times as compared to last financial year 2015. In view of this, we continuously strive so as to improve the support services while improving the quality of customer service. The transition to the web-based marketing solution software system with effect from June 2016 was among key measures to support e-commerce.