Hai-O Foundation - Commitment to Corporate Responsibility
The establishment of Hai-O Foundation in 2009 reflects our commitment to corporate responsibility. Since its inception, Hai-O Foundation has actively reached out to local communities particularly the needy and less fortunate while supporting educational and cultural causes in various ways.

The Hai-O Group and Sin Chew Daily have been persistent and compatible partners in organising the charity concert campaign "Ai Hua Jiao" since 2010 to raise funds for the selected Chinese-medium schools. These charity concerts also featured the emerging artistes of all ages where the principal objective was to provide them with an opportunity to gain exposure and hone their talents.

Since the first concert organised in 2010, Ai Hua Jiao Charity Concert has gained popularity in addition to receiving a hearty response with increasing total contributions collected year after year. It has become significant series of annual events, especially in terms of achievement of annual target set. In 2015, "Ai Hua Jiao"raised a total of RM7 million in seven charity performance concerts jointly organised by Hai-O Foundation and Sin Chew Daily. All in all, the charity concert campaign which has been held for six consecutive years had accumulated donations amounting to RM53 million for the selected 39 Chinese-medium schools throughout Peninsular Malaysia year-to-date.

The next round of charity concert was scheduled for November 2016 to help raise funds for another six Chinese-medium schools.

Hai-O received Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards (AREA) in the category of 'Social Empowerment' in June 2016 particularly on the success of Ai Hua Jiao Charity Concert in achieving its goals and objectives which reflect our endeavour to empower the future generations by providing high quality educational infrastructure and facilities.

The Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards programme (AREA) recognises and honours Asian businesses for championing sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship in various categories namely Green Leadership, SME CSR, Responsible Business Leadership, Health Promotion, Investment in People and Social Empowerment.

Excellent Academic Awards - Celebrating Great Achievements
Entrepreneurs and members of Sahajidah Hai-O Marketing (SHOM), our MLM arm are not only admired for their entrepreneurial prowess and dedication, but also for being great parents who played significant roles in the academic excellence of their children. The first-ever Academic Excellence Award organized by the Company was to celebrate the excellent academic achievements of children of SHOM distributors. A total of 66 entrepreneurs together with their children were honored to be the first group of recipients of the Academic Excellence Award in 2016.
Hai-O Young Writers Awards - Supporting Young Writers Honing Their Talents
Hai-O continues its noble tradition by sponsoring the literary award competition as a gesture of appreciation of the great works of literature while encouraging writers to produce writings of high quality and mind stimulating. Hai-O Literary Award has been organised by the Malaysian Chinese Writers Association since 2009.

After having been in presence since 2009, Hai-O Literary Awards had changed its name to Hai-O Young Writers Awards. The newly renamed biennial award was aimed to provide an opportunity to Malaysian young writers below 35 years of age to develop their talents in various genres of writing and literary creations in Malaysia. The first Hai-O Young Writers Awards was held on 22nd October 2015 with the closing date for entries on 28th February 2016.

Usman Awang Foundation - Continuing The Legacy Of Arts And Heritage
A sense of admiration for noble personality and great work of Usman Awang has initiated Hai-O Group to be the main sponsor for the establishment of the Usman Awang Foundation (YUA) in February 2014. YUA is a foundation that was established to regard Usman Awang, our national laureate as an icon of patriotism that unites all races in Malaysia through his writing, as well as preserve his valuable writings, and to become a research centre to facilitate research of his literary works.

Although National Laureate Usman Awang has long left us, his fighting spirit and love for unity continues to inspire Malaysians. In recognition of his contributions to the nation, a historically important National Laureate Stamp Series featuring him and another two renowned National Laureates i.e. Kamaluddin Muhammad ("Keris Mas") and Muhammad bin Abdul Baing ("Arena Wati").

The issuance of the first National Laureate Stamp Series featuring culturally loaded designs with copper metallic ink and silver matte background was part of the efforts in honoring our national laureates for their outstanding contributions in producing world-class literary works, uniting people through writing as well as preserving our heritage through stamp collections.

Hai-O Kelab Muhibbah - Instilling Love For The Less Fortunate
In January 2016, in the spirit of the Year of the Monkey, Hai-O Kelab Muhibbah had reached out to Pertubuhan Rumah Anak Yatim Berkat Kasih (House of Love) in Klang that offers a shelter to orphans, abused women, single mothers, the poor and drug addicts undergoing rehabilitation treatment. Indeed, this humanitarian visit had brought joy to the residents of this shelter home.
Installation of Bio Evolve Water Purification System at 10 Charity Homes
In July 2016, a service and marketing team had made their way to a total of 10 charity homes in Klang Valley with the mission of installing Bio-Evolve Water Purification System, the new generation of our water purification series in our efforts to give the best to the occupants of the selected shelter homes.
Blood Donation - A Drop of Blood, A Mountain of Hope
Blood Donation Campaign has become our annual agenda. In September 2015, the collaborative cause with Tabung Darah Negara and Klang Hokkien Association had attracted a total of 170 blood donors at AEON Bukit Raja, Klang.